Audi 80/Avant (B4)

Audi 80/Avant
The description
System of release of the fulfilled gases
Cooling system
Fuel tank and the fuel pump
The air filter and intake channels
Injection system
Transmission and transmission
Suspension bracket and steering
- Brake system
   Check of brake mechanisms
   Brake liquid
   Check of level of a brake liquid
   Check of tightness of brake system
   Replacement of a brake liquid
   Disk brake mechanisms
   Measurement of a thickness pads the disk mechanism
   The control of a condition of brake disks
   Replacement pads disk brake mechanisms
   The drum-type brake mechanism
   Measurement brake pads the drum-type mechanism
   Check of a course of a pedal of a brake
   The disk brake mechanism of back wheels
   Measurement of a thickness pads back disk brakes
   Check of a free wheeling of the lever of a lay brake
   The main brake cylinder
   The amplifier of brakes
   Check of the amplifier of brakes
   Regulator of brake forces
   Repair of a hydraulic drive of brakes
   Prorolling of brake system
   The list of malfunctions
Antiblocking system of brakes
Wheels and tyres
body electrosystem
Ignition system
Signalling devices
Devices and auxiliary devices
Heating and ventilation
Body elements
Search of malfunctions

Disk brake mechanisms

Together with a forward wheel in air stream the steel disk rotates. It седловидно is covered by a so-called support of the disk brake mechanism. By pressing a pedal of a brake pistons press brake pads to disks – there is a braking process.

For achievement of higher forces operating on brake pad, model Audi 80 with the 6-cylinder engine is equipped by two brake cylinders on a support.

The stream of air running at movement constantly cools the disk brake mechanism. Additional cooling of forward disk brake mechanisms is provided at the models equipped with engines by capacity of 85 kw and more, but also at models with the engine capacity of 66 kw in a combination to an automatic transmission: on a disk of the brake mechanism there are big dredging which grasp air, thereby improving cooling.

The design of disk brake mechanisms of forward wheels Аudi 80 and (there where they are established) back wheels has so-called floating bracket. The support of the brake mechanism looks as the clenched fist. The brake cylinder with the piston presses внутренную pad to a brake disk because of what the cylinder case moves ahead on directing and presses brake pad to a brake disk on other party.

Disk brakes at damp weather

At a constant rain the located openly brake disks are plentifully moistened, and as consequence of it brake influence attacks a fraction of a second later. The moisture between brake disks and brake колодками should evaporate at first. In the winter when salt is actively used, this effect is shown even more strongly because got on brake pads and disks salt at braking at first should be erased from them.