Audi 80/Avant (B4)

Audi 80/Avant
The description
System of release of the fulfilled gases
Cooling system
Fuel tank and the fuel pump
The air filter and intake channels
- Injection system
   - System of injection Mono-Motronic
      Operating procedure
      Malfunctions and independent diagnostics
      Independent repair
      Visual check
      Check of separate elements
      Check of a mode of idling and the analysis of exhaust gases
      Check catalytic neutralizer and a ljambda-probe
      Trosovyj drive of "gas"
      The list of malfunctions
    System of injection Digifant
    System of injection KE-III-Jetronic
    Systems of injection MPI and MPFI
Transmission and transmission
Suspension bracket and steering
Brake system
Antiblocking system of brakes
Wheels and tyres
body electrosystem
Ignition system
Signalling devices
Devices and auxiliary devices
Heating and ventilation
Body elements
Search of malfunctions

Check of a mode of idling and the analysis of exhaust gases

At system of injection Mono-Motronic adjusting works are excessive because in this system there is nothing to regulate more.

The management block corrects if necessary frequency of rotation in an idling mode. Only in doubtful cases it is necessary to recheck frequency of rotation or the maintenance WITH in an idling mode. Check conditions are: working temperature of the engine, switching-off of all consumers of the electric power and correct installation of the moment of ignition. Standard indicators are:

  • Frequency of rotation in an idling mode: 750 – 1000 rpm.
  • The test for the maintenance WITH in the fulfilled gases: 0,2 – 1,2 % in a measuring tube.

If you have received other indicators it is necessary to check up vacuum tubes and the electromagnetic valve of system of evaporation of fuel and to interrogate memory of the store of malfunctions.

If you always spend servicing of the car in a workshop know that the test for toxicity of the fulfilled gases in any case is included into volume of annual inspection check.

But even in case you are engaged in car servicing, we recommend carrying out of this test in workshop Audi. There reading of records of the store of malfunctions is spent and they are erased from its memory the usual workshop cannot make that.