Audi 80/Avant (B4)

Audi 80/Avant
The description
System of release of the fulfilled gases
- Cooling system
   Check of level of a cooling liquid
   Frost resistance check
   Check of system of cooling on tightness
   Carving cover of a broad tank
   The thermostat
   The list of malfunctions
   The water pump
   Klinovoj belt of the water pump
   The fan of system of cooling
   Malfunctions of the fan of system of cooling
   The list of malfunctions
Fuel tank and the fuel pump
The air filter and intake channels
Injection system
Transmission and transmission
Suspension bracket and steering
Brake system
Antiblocking system of brakes
Wheels and tyres
body electrosystem
Ignition system
Signalling devices
Devices and auxiliary devices
Heating and ventilation
Body elements
Search of malfunctions

Frost resistance check

The special device is necessary for check of frost resistance of a cooling liquid – ареометр for you. It measures relative density of a liquid. Because of various protection frames from corrosion specific weight of additives for protection against freezing неодинаковы. For safety it is necessary to take away also the admission 2—3С.


  1. To type a little a cooling liquid from a broad tank in ареометр.
  2. Ареометр plunges on different depth depending on relative density of a liquid.
  3. On a scale it is possible to see, to what temperature protection against freezing suffices.
  4. Some of devices for frost resistance definition are supplied by an arrow which specifies frost resistance degree.

In drawing it is shown, how the device for frost resistance definition defines concentration of a cooling liquid.

The control of concentration of antifreeze

In most cases it appears that concentration of a cooling liquid is already insufficient. Then it is necessary to add a few means from freezing; by rough calculations about 1/4 l on everyone 10С below norm.


  1. To remove the bottom protection of a motor compartment (the head body Elements).
  2. To substitute under the car any capacity.
  3. To open a drain stopper below on a radiator or to remove the bottom tube on a radiator, to lower 1—2 l of a cooling liquid.
  4. Again to establish a tube or without pressing to tighten a stopper.
  5. To add corresponding quantity of not diluted means from freezing and to add the collected cooling liquid from capacity.