Audi 80/Avant (B4)

Audi 80/Avant
The description
System of release of the fulfilled gases
Cooling system
Fuel tank and the fuel pump
The air filter and intake channels
- Injection system
    System of injection Mono-Motronic
    System of injection Digifant
   - System of injection KE-III-Jetronic
      Basic elements
      Operating procedure
      Malfunctions and independent diagnostics
      Independent repair
      Visual check
      Check of separate elements
      Search of malfunctions
      Removal of components
      Check of a mode of idling and the analysis of exhaust gases
      The list of malfunctions
    Systems of injection MPI and MPFI
Transmission and transmission
Suspension bracket and steering
Brake system
Antiblocking system of brakes
Wheels and tyres
body electrosystem
Ignition system
Signalling devices
Devices and auxiliary devices
Heating and ventilation
Body elements
Search of malfunctions


Plug connections to a ljambda-probe:

1 – ljambda-probe heating;
2 – a ljambda-probe signal.

Katalitichesky neutralizer can is correct work only in the event that the factor of surplus of air l is probably closer to 1 that corresponds to a parity of fuel/air 14,7/1. That it was carried out in practice, the system of injection KE-III-Jetronic is supplied by so-called ljambda-regulation.

Thus the ljambda-probe measures quantity of oxygen in the fulfilled gases – comparative size for structure of a mix of fuel/air. If the indicator deviates from ideal, the management block gives the commission to a pressure regulator in the proof-reader of structure of a gas mixture immediately to change mix structure. Regulation works (any way-kolebatelno because only in this case каталитический neutralizer copes with almost full transformation of harmful substances) in a range from l = 0,8 to l = 1,2.

The ljambda-probe transmits a signal only after the temperatures exceeding 350С, therefore it электрически is warmed (in addition to temperature of the fulfilled gases). Until then while it will not reach the working temperature, the system is lagged behind noncontrollable and is guided by the set average factor. In the same way regulation occurs, if enrichment of a gas mixture in the conditions of full loading is activated.