Audi 80/Avant (B4)

Audi 80/Avant
The description
System of release of the fulfilled gases
Cooling system
Fuel tank and the fuel pump
The air filter and intake channels
Injection system
Transmission and transmission
Suspension bracket and steering
Brake system
Antiblocking system of brakes
- Wheels and tyres
   Wide tyres and wheels
   Pressure check in tyres
   The control of a condition of tyres
   Wheel replacement
   The control of an inhaling of wheel bolts
   Balancing of wheels
   Purchase of new tyres
body electrosystem
Ignition system
Signalling devices
Devices and auxiliary devices
Heating and ventilation
Body elements
Search of malfunctions

The control of an inhaling of wheel bolts


  1. At each installation of wheels it is necessary to supervise through some passed kilometres a correct inhaling of bolts for fastening of wheels.
  2. The ordered moment of an inhaling of bolts is 110 Nm so it is not necessary to press their in addition extended key. The indicator of the moment of an inhaling concerns the serviceable, slightly greased carving.
  3. Too strong or non-uniform inhaling can lead to a warp of brake disks or drums. Non-uniform brake action, vibration at braking and dot or plane deterioration of tyres becomes result of it.